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03:38pm 15/07/2010
  Don't want this comm going by the wayside, even if it hasn't exactly gotten used... at all.

I suppose with this layout we kind of deserved it! :P

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09:46pm 24/03/2006
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Hi, everyone.

I am a Venturer Advisor in Mississauga, Ontario, and have been for several years now. I'm just getting into the training aspect, and I'm wondering what the youth really want of their advisors. Thanks in advance!

I found this community by searching LJ interests for "Venturers", or something like that.

Scouter A
05:42pm 29/01/2006
  Hello Scouting types!

My group is organizing a Venturee and I'm helping spread the word, so if you are in a Venturer group, involved with one, or know of someone who is, you may find this information interesting...

Venturer WHAT?Collapse )

It promises to be a blast. Peacehaven is in Drumbo, Ontario (that's kind of near Cambridge).

Also, because of the set up of the camp, we've decided to go for a "blender camp" type style as to the sleeping/tent arrangements, but Lee can explain that to you should you choose to contact her.

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Spread the Word!

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11:25am 08/10/2005
  Does anyone know of a good website that shows the meaning of the scout/guides patches/badges?
I have some patches I am trying to identify, I am looking for meanings as well as scout/cub/guides (i have no idea which is which!) and maybe year?

This is probably not an official one but I thought it was cute:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Behind the cut is a collage of the ones I am trying to identify. Can you help?Collapse )
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05:58pm 27/09/2005
  Hello all,

My name is Adam. I am a new Rover this year, though I have been in Scouting since I was 5. I'm one of those types who have been in so long they can't get out. My entire family is involved at various levels of the organization. I am live on Vancouver Island. I think that is all I have for the moment. Good to meet you all.
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Hello :) 
04:56pm 27/09/2005
  My Name is Amanda, I'm a member of 26th St. Peters Venture company, in edmonton, AB. Part of buffalo plains, annnnd the northern lights council. uhh...not sure what else to say...Our group just got back from Eurojam, where we had a heck of a good time..if anybody wants to hear about it, just ask...we have many tales to tell. Hope some other albertans join up :)

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05:44pm 27/09/2005
  Welcome one, welcome all to the Scouting Youth community. WIC was last weekend here in Wellington County, Canada, so I figured it'd be a good time to start a comm and get some intergroup communication/news/mass partying going on with the Livejournal. If you aren't a member already, you'll have to sign up to join the community.

If and when you do join, please make a post to the comm saying Who you are, Which group and Country you are from, your status (active/past, Venturer/Rover/Advisor) and if possible how you found the comm.

Well I hope you're all having a great time what ever it is you're doing.

Yours in Scouting,